Harley Monitor Top

Completely customized and refurbished GE Monitor Top Refrigerator

GE Monitor Top

Completely Refurbished Antique Refrigerator

Red GE Monitor Top

Red GE Monitor Top Refrigerating System

Quality Vintage and Antique Appliances!!

We restore antique stoves and vintage refrigerators dating from the 1920's to the 1970's, from either our own inventory or a customers unit.

We have done several pieces for customers looking to design their kitchen to have a more historic look. We do not take the process lightly and take the time and care to carefully restore the units back to their original condition.  It is a time consuming process but worth the effort. We are also more then willing, and sometimes prefer, to sell our antique appliances “As-Is”.


"You have to go in person - the number of parts and machines is a little overwhelming but boy, there are some goodies in there!" ~ Paul C

Washing Machines

While we would prefer to sell these machines "as-is" we are capable of repairing just about any model.


If you have an antique washer but no dryer we may have just what you are looking for.


Looking for the refrigerator of your dreams, or even your childhood? Take a look at our inventory of hundreds of antique refrigerators which we can sell to you "as-is" or we can take the time and recondition the piece to look as though it was the 1950's all over again.


We have everything from Flairs to 6 Burner gas stoves.


Looking for antique Dishwashers, Sinks, or even Clocks? We may have just what you are looking for.