Average Top Load Washer

Top Load Washers

GE Monitor Top

Completely Refurbished Antique Refrigerator

Red GE Monitor Top

Red GE Monitor Top Refrigerating System

Whirlpool Slide In Gas Range

Whirlpool Slide In Gas Range

Harley Monitor Top

Completely customized and refurbished GE Monitor Top Refrigerator

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Q: I would like to purchase an appliance/part but I live to far away to come pick up the appliance/part at your location, can you ship the piece to me?

A: In fact we can ship almost anything to you. We have the capabilities to ship anything from knobs to large appliances. If you are interested in purchasing something we can get you the exact price it would cost to ship that piece.

Q: I would like to send you a picture of something I am looking for however I can not send pictures through the form below. How do I send a picture to you?

A: If you would like to send a picture to us simply fill out the form below and in the "Request/Comments" box indicate that you would like to send us a picture. After receiving your message we will respond to you using an email you can send pictures to.

Q: I don't see what I am looking for on your website. How do I know if you have it?

A: If you are looking for something that does not appear on our website, don't worry. Contact us and tell us what you are looking for and we will do our best to help you. No where close to our entire inventory is on the website so there is a very good chance we will have what you are looking for.

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